Goods of the ECOST category may be new or used for a short time, the packaging may be original or not, the condition of the packaging is not a reason for a claim to the quality of the goods or a return. Warranty 3 month.

How we label these items:

  • PRODUCT CONDITION: – we indicate the product is new or used.
  • WORKING PRODUCT: – we indicate the product performs its function.
  • DAMAGED PRODUCT: – we indicate the product has external damage (dents, obvious scratches).
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING: – we indicate the product’s packaging is original or packed in our packaging.
  • MISSING PARTS: – are there any missing parts, for example: screws, wires or other parts that are not always known.

We try to show everything in the photos, so we recommend you to review them carefully. The main picture usually shows what a new item looks like in a complete set, additional photos show the actual condition and what is in the kit. We aim to present the products as clearly as possible, but sometimes we may miss something. You will see all the important nuances of the product in the photos.

We hope that this project will help reduce environmental pollution, because GOOD QUALITY goods will no longer be needlessly destroyed, but on the contrary, will easily reach their new owners and be used for a long time.

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